Elite: “The best or most skilled members of a group” - at Studio Elite we strive to live up to that definition by providing your child with quality instruction from qualified instructors in a loving, caring, Christian environment. We are called to be excellent; to do the best we can with the gifts we have been blessed with.

At Studio Elite, it is our promise to you that we will nurture these gifts in your dancer bringing out their personal best. We offer many routes for our dancers, from those who just want to dance recreationally to those who want to compete...Studio Elite has a program for you.

Studio Elite is a one-of-a-kind dance studio offering top-notch instruction, strong values, and great friendships to be made. We invite you to come check us out!

At Studio Elite, we believe in building the foundations of technique and solid dance training to create pre-professional dancers who have also been given strong values through solid role models, teaching principles, and fun in the classroom environment. This is an environment in which your dancer will never dance or be costumed to be more mature than their actual age - in other words, your 6 year old will look and dance like a 6 year old while increasing technique at each level.

Our studio is over 5,500 square feet complete with a performance stage and professional sound equipment. We offer three mirrored ballrooms, each with professional sprung dance floors, closed-circuit viewing of each ballroom, and top-of-the-line acro & dance equipment. Our lobby includes comfy seating and cable TV, with snacks and drinks available for purchase.